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Our Message To The World: Lang:Tr Uzun suredir butun Turk devletlerinin ordularinin birlestirilmesi Turk devletlerinin gundemindeydi. Azerbaycanda ilk etapta 4 Turk devletinin katilimiyla birlesmis Turk ordulari (TURAN ORDUSU) kuruldu. Lang: En For a long time assembling all of the armies of the Turkish states was on the agenda of the Turkish states The first stages in Azerbaijan 4 with the participation of the Turkish state united the Turkish army (TURAN ARMY) was established.

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    El Adde: Kenya’s Worst Military Defeat

    By Andrew j. Franklin On 15 January 2016 Al Shabaab launched its most successful¬†assault to date on an AMISOM camp located within its Area¬†of Operations in Somalia. Striking at first light Al Shabaab¬†overran and destroyed a reinforced KDF rifle company- approximately¬†175 solders- deployed to El Adde in Sector Two. Although estimates of KDF casualties-Killed In […]

    Progress Worth Noting: Congress Strengthens The Freedom of Information

    By Dorothy Samuels In a gloomy news week dominated¬†by the slaughter of 49¬†people at a gay nightclub in¬†Orlando, Fla. and its aftermath, it¬†is understandable that Congressional¬†approval of unrelated legislation¬†easing access to government¬†records has not garnered tons of¬†public attention. But Monday‚Äôs¬†House passage of the bipartisan¬†Freedom of Information Improvement¬†Act previously approved by¬†the Senate (also by a unanimous¬†vote) […]

    Compounded misconduct by Judges of The Supreme Court

    By Apollo Mboya Constitution of Kenya [Article 159(1)] provides that the¬†Judicial authority is derived from the people and vests¬†in, and shall be exercised by the courts and tribunals¬†established by or under the Constitution. In exercising judicial¬†authority, the courts and tribunals is required to be guided by¬†among other principles, that justice is done to all irrespective […]

    My message to Kenyans: Senator Murkomen

    ‚ÄúYou know very well that we were elected¬†by our people to lead. We are paid equal¬†salaries. We live in the suburb areas¬†of Nairobi and other towns. Our children¬†go to the same schools. We eat in the same¬†restaurants. We serve in the same committees.¬†We travel abroad for benchmarking¬†and we together have a good time listening¬†to stories […]

    Good Riddance Rawal and Tunoi: You Were Counter- Revolutionaries Ill-Suited for the Transformative Project

    By Walter Khobe On 14th June 2016 the Supreme Court¬†made a ruling on a preliminary¬†objection on the question whether¬†the judges of that court should hear an¬†appeal filed by their two colleagues former¬†Deputy Chief Justice Kalpana Rawal and¬†former Justice Philip Tunoi challenging the¬†Court of Appeal‚Äôs finding that they should¬†retire at the age of seventy years. The […]