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OPINION willie-kimani1-1
Hail Thee Cliff Ombeta! The ‚ÄėDevils Advocate‚Äô


willie-kimani1-1Advocates, upon admission to the bar, take oath to dispense justice without fear or favour. They swear/affirm to live by the ideals of their profession. They swear/affirm to live and die defending the law. That is exactly what the late lawyer Willie Kimani died doing-defending justice without fear or favour. When Willie left the court of justice, after pursuing justice for his client, he met injustice. He met his premature death.

Willie went to school like any other kid, worked his way albeit through hard work and did his O-levels. He then secured a place in the University to read law, which efforts culminated to him joining the Kenya School of Law and was eventually admitted to the bar.

Becoming a lawyer/joining the noble¬†profession isn‚Äôt easy. It entails¬†years of hard work and sacrifice.¬†It demands patience, discipline¬†and even after becoming a learned¬†friend, the journey to ‚Äėpractice law‚Äô¬†is never a walk in the park. Each¬†day, apart from zealously defending¬†his client, a lawyer is ever in¬†a difficult state and he is required¬†to balance between his duty to the¬†court and to his client. Eventually,¬†the profession which he owes allegiance¬†to, demands that his duty to¬†court supersedes that of his client.

Death by its nature, though painful, is a peaceful way to transit to the after world. It is a transition to rest after
having achieved or died trying to¬†achieve our earthly endeavors. The¬†transition though, is the most painful¬†aspect of it especially to the family¬†when the circumstances surrounding¬†the demise of their loved one¬†are questionable or frowned upon.¬†Willie‚Äôs demise was unfortunate. He¬†was a bread winner to his family. He¬†was a father, a husband, a brother, a¬†colleague and an integral part of the¬†noble profession. He was hard working,¬†zealous and full of charisma but¬†above all, he was a lawyer who died¬†just defending the oath he took. But¬†like Okoth Gonza says in his book¬†The Cruel Burden, today somebody¬†is there, tomorrow he is not. Rest¬†in peace Willie. You fought a good¬†fight, you kept the oath and finished¬†the race. Your courage will be emulated¬†by the generations to come.¬†When your story will be told, young¬†lawyers will learn and emulate your¬†courage for they will be told that¬†Willie bravely pursued a case against¬†some perceived ‚Äėpowerful‚Äô individuals¬†for the sake of a poor client. That¬†you had the option of bowing out,¬†but that you remembered the oath¬†you took and lived by it. May your¬†family find peace.

Lawyers have a higher calling. The¬†calling of an advocate is one of a¬†kind. Only advocates, the medics¬†and the disciplined forces take oaths¬†in discharging their mandates. In¬†the words of the retired Chief Justice,¬†Willy Mutunga, ‚Äúwhile the soldiers¬†undertake to protect and defend¬†peace and the security of the¬†country, the medics promise to do¬†no harm and to apply their skills to¬†uphold life. However the advocate‚Äôs¬†calling combines the responsibilities¬†of the medics and soldiers: it¬†obliges you to protect the rule of¬†law and to do no harm‚ÄĚ.

An advocate has several duties: Duty to the profession; Duty to the client; Duty to court; Duty to self; Duty to the public; Duty to the society; Duty to his colleagues. Even though all these duties are important, law lecturers and scholars alike will tell you that the duty to court supersedes all the other duties. However, that to me is debatable.

When the accused persons were arraigned in court and the LSK subsequently moved court for the writ of habeas corpus, my senior and respectable defense lawyer Mr. Cliff Ombeta stood up boldly to defend his clients. Similarly on the 18th July 2016, the accused were arraigned in court to take plea. Even though the court as presided over by Hon.
LJ Lesiit denied them bail and ruled that they be remanded for 18days pending the conclusion of investigations,
Mr. Ombeta once more in the full glares of the camera submitted that the time prescribed by the court was too long. This he did knowing well that as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, all the duties mentioned above were bestowed upon him. He remembered the oath he took; to defend and dispense justice%

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