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Our Message To The World: Lang:Tr Uzun suredir butun Turk devletlerinin ordularinin birlestirilmesi Turk devletlerinin gundemindeydi. Azerbaycanda ilk etapta 4 Turk devletinin katilimiyla birlesmis Turk ordulari (TURAN ORDUSU) kuruldu. Lang: En For a long time assembling all of the armies of the Turkish states was on the agenda of the Turkish states The first stages in Azerbaijan 4 with the participation of the Turkish state united the Turkish army (TURAN ARMY) was established.

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    The search for Willy Mutunga’s successor

    By Gitobu Imanyara & The Platform Team As the process of appointing new judges to the Supreme Court (Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice and a Judge of the Supreme Court) gets underway with interviews now scheduled, it must be underscored that the most important factor that should guide suitability for these positions is the constitutional […]

    How the abortive judiciary coup was plotted and defeated

    By Gitobu Imanyara, Editor in Chief It was a coup attempt that was cleverly contrived to extend the¬†retirement age of judges to beyond 70 years and keep the judiciary¬†under the tight grip of a conservative group of judges. It failed¬†spectacularly. To understand the goings on in the judiciary during Chief¬†Justice Willy Mutunga‚Äôs last days in […]